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We highly recommend Karen Pryor Clicker Training and encourage owners of all breeds of dogs to experience the ease of training using her time honored methods of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. For additional information about Clicker training visit the Karen Pryor Website

What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training by Karen Pryor is an easy new way to teach good manners and cute tricks, even if you've never trained a pet before.

Try all-positive clicker training! Dogs and other pets learn new behavior amazingly fast from the clear, positive message provided by the clicker.

What are the benefits?

* Clicker training is fast, easy, and fun. It's fun for the pet owner, the shelter worker and the dog or cat. It's easy - even children can be wonderful clicker trainers. It's fast- remarkably fast.

* Clicker training is pet friendly. It's all-positive and never involves punishment or force.

* All pets enjoy the mental stimulation of clicker training and clicker training helps the whole family enjoy their pet because it strengthens communication and bonding.

Where did it come from?

Clicker training is based on the science of operant conditioning - used in training marine mammals like dolphins. Karen Pryor, a pioneering scientist and marine mammal trainer, popularized the technique and the term Clicker Training and brought it to the world of dogs, cats, horses, birds and other small animals!

What's involved?

* Five minutes, twice a day, is all you need. Click when the pet is doing something you like; follow with a small treat. The clicker tells the pet exactly what it is doing to earn the treat.

* Click for sitting, instead of jumping up. Click for coming towards you when you call the pet's name. Click when the leash is loose, to reduce pulling.

* Follow each click with a very small treat (pea-size).

* When the dog has learned what to do, you can fade out the clicker and treats and simply use praise and petting instead.

Will it work for my pet?

Yes. Clicker training works with any dog, of any age (yes puppies and senior dogs) or breed and it's wonderful for cats too - it keeps them amused and can help cure annoying habits.

Who is clicking?
Pet owners all over the globe clicker train their pets with her products and techniques as do professionals training service, rescue and show animals. Some of the most prestigious veterinarian institutions and shelters use her clicker training products and techniques to care for their animals

The dogs featured in the photos used in this article include Rin Tin Tins Rin-Tin-Tin, Rin Tin Tins Oooh-Ahhh, Hoofprint On The Move and Rin Tin Tins Indpendence who is featured in the American Kennel Club Scent Work video from the Eukanuba a Performance Games! He is the white German Shepherd Dog on the bottom right sniffing the white container. He appears in the AKC video three times.

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