Therapy Dog Program and Service Dog Program

Each specially selected Therapy Dog or Service Dog Candidate Puppy has been temperament and trainability tested and designated as a candidate for the In-Home Training Program. The Candidate puppy will be trained by the recipient and/or their family with assistance from our volunteer Training Partners and through an Online support group made up of trainers and Dogs of Distinction families.

The Therapy Dog/Service Dog Candidate puppies utilized in the program are from some of the nation's top breeders.

The Service Dog In-Home Training Program to allows Service Dog recipient families to actively participate in the training of a Service Dog. This concept ensures a strong life-long and consistent bond between the dog and the family and significantly reduces the costs associated with securing a working dog. The Puppy is placed with the family at age 8 weeks following a series of extensive Trainability/Temperament Testing.

Dogs of Distinction is staffed by volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts toward the successful placement and training of Dogs of Distinction Puppy candidates to assist our clinet in achieving as much independence as possible in their daily lives.

Dogs of distinction waiting list for a puppy is about a year. The donation required for a candidate puppy is $1,500, plus a $25 non-refundable application donation. The puppies used in the program come from the some of the country's finest and most well know bloodlines. Scholarships are available to assist with initial costs.

Applicant families are urged to seriously consider the very time consuming and daily training schedule associated with participating in the In-Home Training prior to making application. T

An ONLINE APPLICATION must be completed by either the applicant family interested in a SERVICE Dog or the individual interested in the THERAPY Dog program. Applicants will be contacted by members of the Dogs of Distinction Preliminary Placement Review Committee to determine whether a puppy will fit into the families lifestyle.

Once approved, the applicant will begin the journey of training to culminate in a Certified Dog. Training and Full Certification is usually completed in about 1 - 1 1/2 years.


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