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About Us

We are an organization made up of volunteers who work diligently through Hollywood Dogs and The Museum of Dogs to help animals in a variety of ways.

Hollywood Dogs is a renown breeder of German Shepherd Dogs who are linebred descendants of Rin Tin Tin IV. The bloodline was originally acquired directly from Lee Duncan in 1957 and the closed breeding program has been continuously managed by the same family for over 60 years. We are members of The German Shepherd Dog Club of America and our predecessors, Lee Duncan, Jannettia Brodsgaard Propps and Daphne Hereford, a recognized AKC Breeder of Merit, actively participated in the sport of purebred dogs at American Kennel Club Dog Shows and events. We produce a very limited number of puppies which are placed on a mandatory spay/neuter agreement and our strict breeding criteria includes all health testing customary in the breed. A percentage of the proceeds from the placement of the puppies directly benefits Dogs of Distinction causes. Visit Hollywood Dogs

The purpose of The Museum of Dogs is to preserve and enhance the many positive aspects of the canine world through exhibits and unique exhibitions comprised of a variety of collectibles ranging from paper, to porcelain to art to bronze that celebrates mankind's love of dogs of all breeds. The Museum of Dogs concept is designed to provide the general public a venue in a unique Museum setting filled with sought-after canine collectibles. Operated by volunteers, the museum hopes to encourage long-time breeders of a variety of breeds to donate their collections to the organization. In many cases, heirs consider collectibles mere trinkets and inadvertently dispose of significant collections that could instead be donated to the museum. The widow of Dan Condon donated his collection of movie dog memorabilia to the museum an it is presently displayed online. The goal of the museum is to open a public facility that will include not only exhibits but presentations about responsible dog ownership. Visit The Museum of Dogs

We Support
Pet CPR Classes for First Responders

Donations to our efforts to help dogs, and other pets, can be made in a variety of ways. Your tax-deductible donations are always appreciated.

Time and Talent ~ By volunteering your time or talent you can help us with fundraising efforts, with the dogs or with the museum. Your expertise in a variety of subjects can also benefit our efforts through such areas as accounting, marketing, social media, fundraising and more. If you want to volunteer to donate Time or Talent complete the Application.

Monetary ~ Your monetary donations can be specified to benefit certain projects such as providing a CPR Class to a First Responder so a fire department will have the tools needed to save pet's lives in the event of an emergency. Each Pet CPR Class is $200 and any portion of that in the form of a donation is appreciated. Monetary Donations can be made through our PayPal Account

It is Easy to Donate ~ If you want to volunteer to donate Time or Talent please complete our Application.
Monetary Donations can be made through our PayPal Account.

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