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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dogs of Distinction?
What Breeds of Dogs are Used?
Where does Dogs of Distinction Acquire the Dogs?
What are the Qualifications for a ?
Are Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs Good Companions?
How Can a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog Affect a Person's Health?
How do Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs Affect Social Activities?
What are the Responsibilites of Having a Pet Asssited Therapy Dog?
What is the Application Procedure?
How Much Does a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog Cost?
What are the Rights of Access?
How are Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs Identified in Public?

What are Dogs of Distinction Dogs?

Specially selected, bred, and raised Dogs that assist children who have special needs and veterans suffering from PTSD.

These dogs increase independence and offer the loving companionship of a specially trained dog.

Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs provide fewer physical support tasks than a Service Dog However, in many cases having a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog in the home provides the child or veteran with ample emotional and comfort support to improve the quality of life.

What Breeds of Dogs are Used?

Dogs of Distinction is confident in using many breeds of Dogs which are specifically selected for the program and the needs of the child. For example, a child with mobility issues would certainly require a large breed such as a German Shepherd Dog.

Where does Dogs of Distinction Acquire the Dogs?

Dogs of Distinction has a specifically designed "Puppy Raising" program that we furnish to our pre-certified breeders to provide a source of good sound, sensible Dogs for the program.

These potential candidates are tested prior to being considered as suitable for the program.

What are the Qualifications for an Dogs of Distinction Dog Candidate?

  • Physical soundness is most important in a candidate because of the tasks they will be doing.
  • The dogs must be of a good lineage that has accomplished hip and elbow certifications, eye exams and health evaluations.
  • They must be people oriented, friendly, and eager to please.
  • Candidates must be confident and sensible.
  • They must be well socialized and well balanced.

Are Dogs of Distinction Dogs Good Companions?

The loving companionship enjoyed with a Dogs of Distinction Dog eases the frustration and loneliness that often accompanies a special need. The dog's happy, playful nature brings joy and activity into the life of a child that may have limited outside playmates. The dog freely offers unconditional love and is a constant source of comfort and friendship.

How Can an Dogs of Distinction Dog Affect a Person's Health?

Still another benefit of an Dogs of Distinction Dog are the outdoor activities gained in exercising, practicing skills and playing with the dog. This increases the activity level of many people. Fresh air and exercise helps improve well being and outlook on life.

Caring for another creature and having responsibility creates a sense of self worth. Studies at the University of Pennsylvania have also shown that stroking a dog actually lowers blood pressure, and that people who have a dog recuperate from illnesses faster.

The Dogs of Distinction Dog is a friend to care for and care about, giving life more meaning and purpose.

How do Service Dogs Affect Social Activities?

"Dogs of Distinction Service Dogs are wonderful icebreakers in public situations; they are beautiful, friendly, and very well behaved.

People will smile, approach and speak to someone accompanied by such a dog. The owner is complimented on his dog and it becomes a source of pride as well as independence. Human to human contact, even though brief, is established. Good, positive feelings are experienced with the help of a dog.

What are the Responsibilities of Having an Dogs of Distinction Dog?

An Dogs of Distinction Dog is life-long commitment and not a responsibility to be taken lightly. The child and immediate family must consider what it means to have a dog accompanying them everywhere they go.

The dog must be able to: 1) relieve himself during the day, no matter what the weather 2) have water, food and be comfortable.

Additionally, the dog will need health care and trips to the veterinarian, grooming, teeth cleaned and nails trimmed. Also, there are costs to consider.

The dog will need exercise and playtime. A dog cannot be set aside until needed and the dog's care must be arranged if its partner is sick or hospitalized.

The family needs to be prepared for barking, shedding, and the presence of a dog in their life. This is a serious commitment and requires careful thought and planning.

How Does someone Acquire an Dogs of Distinction Dog?

A family seeking an Dogs of Distinction Dog can complete the ONLINE APPLICATION or contact Dogs of Distinction incorporated for additional information by E-Mail
Dogs of Distinction volunteers will be available to speak with and answer any questions a family may have in considering a Therapy Service Dog .

When the application and documentation required are returned and reviewed, the applicant will be contacted for an interview.

What is the Application Procedure?

Applicants are required to submit the appropriate Application for review by Dogs of Distinction. This information helps ensure the correct match between the child, dog and immediate family.

How Much Does an Dogs of Distinction Dog Cost?

Dogs of Distinctionplaces Service Dogs with special needs children using the lowest fee structure possible to provide quality dogs and quality service for the clients. A non-refundable application donation of $25 is required when the application is submitted, and once approved as a recipient family, a donation of $1,500 is required for a Service Dog or Pet Assisted Therapy Dog candidate puppy. Some ongoing expenses will be incurred by the family that may include, but not be limited to, food, some training supplies, regular veterinary visits, transportation and travel.

What are the Rights of Access?

Generally, Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs do Not have the same right of access as Service Dogs.

Service Dogs have access to transportation on buses, trains and planes. A person may have his Service Dog accompany him at work, school, or anywhere else he/she may go. They cannot be denied public housing or charged extra rent for their dog.

Almost every state has an access law granting access to people with disabilities and their Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs, or Guide Dogs.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a Federal Law covering this same access. A person with a Service Dog, in return, is responsible for their dog's behavior in public places.

The Service Dog should be unobtrusive, quiet and, always under control. Other people should NEVER pet or distract a Service, Hearing or Guide Dog in public.

How are Dogs of Distinction Service Dogs Identified in Public?

jackets for Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs are Green. Each jacket has the official logo and a photo ID card on the top.