Service & Therapy Dogs

To provide a Service or Therapy Dog Candidate Puppy that will be specifically trained by the recipient family, with assistance from Dogs of Distinction , to aid in the improvement of the quality of life and accessibility of the recipient

Dogs of Distinction was formed in 2015 to exclusively provide much needed Service to children with special needs and Veterans suffering from PTSD.

Dogs of Distinction efforts help families negate the extraordinary waiting lists faced by those who can benefit from a service or therapy dog.

Many service dog organization's waiting lists are up to 10 years and fees can amount to $15,000 and most do not serve children under the age of 18 or Veterans. Dogs of Distinction waiting lists are generally one year and the donation for placement of a Service Dog is $1,500.

Dogs of Distinction offers families an opportunity to participate in a revolutionary In-Home Training Program, to allow the entire family to participate in the training of the dog.

Dogs of Distinction is an IRS non-profit corporation supported solely by donations and operated by dedicated volunteers.

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