Dogs of Distinction, Incorporated

Service Dog Training

The Dogs of Distinction organization will raise, socialize and begin basic training of the Dogs of Distinction In-Home Training Program Service Dog candidate puppies until they are temperament and trainability tested at 7 weeks and then placed immediately with the Dogs of Distinction In-Home Training Program recipient family.

Puppies in training must go with the recipient family on typical outings to acclimate them to traffic, crowds, stores, football games, and community events to ensure proper socialization. Raising a Service Dog candidate puppy is a rewarding project and very time consuming requiring a serious commitment from the entire family.

The puppy's childhood is a vital part of their development, as these dogs must be carefully and lovingly raised to become a confident, happy, young adult dog. This is the foundation for appropriate development enabling the puppy to mature into a young adult and wonderful partner for the child.

All Dogs of Distinction Service Dog candidate puppies will require extensive obedience and positioning training as well as specific skill and task training. Each dog will be trained by the recipient family according to the needs of the recipient. Training a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog can take 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 years depending on the skill level needed. The recipient family will train the Pet Assisted Therapy Dog candidate puppy, with assistance from Dogs of Distinction volunteers and the Online Yahoo Groups E-List.

Team Training

A speical Page on Facebook is available for recipient families to assist in the raising and training of the Service Dog candidate puppy. The family, child, and dog will train together to accomplish the tasks they must master to achieve harmony and precision in their working relationship.

Dogs of Distinction families will learn dog psychology and behavior; how to correct, discipline, reward, exercise and practice with the dog. They will learn how to feed, care, and groom their dog. Regular outings will insure their ability to handle and work with the dog in public.

Follow Up

Dogs of Distinction Certification will be in accordance with accepted requirements of established guidelines for Service Dogs. Dogs of Distinction requires the dog be re-certified every year.

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